My Experience working with a Salon at The Oberoi, New Delhi!

Well just to keep you all informed, i am a trained hair stylist as well! In the 2016 December, while i was working as a hair stylist at The Lodhi, a woman came in for an appointment with me. I was all set and ready for the day so I started her services. I shampooed her and gave her a blowout. She looked very skeptic but some how i had given her what she was looking out for. While she was leaving she handed me her visiting card. She was the manager of silhouette salon, The Oberoi hotel. She infact asked me to come over to her salon for an interview and have a look at the salon. Well to tell you all silhouette is one of the oldest salons in new delhi. Most of the premium league of people go there for their services. So one fine day i decided and went there for an interview. Things went well and I resigned from my current work place to join the silhouette. Everything thing started well, got an opportunity to serve quite a lot of the well known people of india from Priyanka Gandhi to Nidhi Razdaan and many more. I made friends too. The twist came in when i used to be exclusively booked for a Guru Maa of my boss Ragini. No wonder Guru Maa was a wonderful lady initially. As per Raginis instruction her services used to be complimentary. It was mentioned that i had to take the utmost care while doing her hair and made sure that she was happy with my services! Days went by and so did my work. Slowly my appointments used to be completely taken over by her gurus work, as a result of which my clients started drifting away to other stylists. I could sense a weird pressure built up in my head. My manager and my boss, both started questioning me about the sales figures and the monthly turn overs. Logically i tried to explain them that if my entire working hours are consumed by such complimentary services how am i able to give them a monthly turn over! They simply payed no heed to it . The frequent reply what i used to get from them was that its the grace of the almighty that her guru chooses me to do her hair and i should not question her appointments. This was a clear scene of work exploitation. Lemme tell you something about Ragini. She is a good human being at heart but i often wonder if there is something wrong in her head. Probably her past experiences have compelled her to loose her mind completely. A year went by struggling with all this chaos! Meanwhile i lost one of our colleagues at work.

Things started taking nasty u turns and i felt completely suffocated and exploited to the core. My anxiety level started to grow and a point came in my life that i was simply frustrated!

One fine day i was struck with fever and i was later diagnosed with viral infection. I reported them and stayed back home to recover from the illness. After three days i got a call from the manager that i have been terminated.

Yes, i was terminated because of a reason, which still is unknown. They cleared my salary for the working days and also gave me half months salary because they terminated me suddenly!

I feel the more the prestigious working place the deeper level of exploitation happens. They just emotionally and physically torture there employees, assuming that for the sake of brand name and image they wont resist. They would be forced and compelled to work. This is a clear violation of human rights. I believe in 21st century we humans have rights reserved in all industries. There should be a fair law and a fair protocol. I made a couple of friends there. Some of them had been working for over 30 years on the same pay scale without a hike or increment. They too sulk but sadly they said they had limited options at their old age.

Coming back to the point of exploitation, its not just with the young ones, the older once go through it as well. Such mindless employers see no difference in age when they decide to exploit. We work to get paid , and we dont get paid to be harassed and emotionally tortured!

Sad but true ! This is how corrupt big names and big brands are! I finally have given up on practising hair dressing atleast in india anymore. I am a witness to the empty and fake, so called elite society and there way of treating the commoners!

Life has to go on, and also everyday is a lesson for us…….

More real life experiences coming soon..

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