Dakshineshwar – Kali

🌺 Enroute to Dakshineswar Sarada Devi was seized with a high fever and had to take shelter in a small wayside inn. Suffering both physically and mentally, as she lay in bed almost unconscious, she saw a woman of exquisite beauty enter the room and sit by her bedside. The stranger had a very black complexion, resembling that of Mother Kali. As she stroked Sarada’s body with her soft hands, Sarada’s pain seemed to ooze out through the pores of her skin. She asked the visitor where she came from. 🌺

Visitor: “From Dakshineswar”.

Sarada (with surprise): “Indeed! I wanted to go to Dakshineswar myself, see him there, and serve him. Perhaps ill luck will prevent my desire being fulfilled”. 🌺

Visitor: “Don’t say that. You will surely go to Dakshineswar. You will get well and see him. It is for your sake that I am keeping him there”. 🌺

Sarada: “Is that true? Who are you? Any relation of ours?”

Visitor: “I am your sister”.

Sarada: “Is that so? Perhaps that is why you have come”. 🌺

Sarada noticed that the stranger’s feet were covered with dust, as if from a long walk, and she inquired why no one had given her water to wash them. The stranger said that she would be leaving immediately, and disappeared. [It was evidently none other than the Goddess Kali, who had I appeared to her in this vision.] 🌺

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