Sanatan is the Satya! The Satya of Life.

I really feel sad to see my hindu brother and sisters running around many gurus, baba’s and even the other religion priests! Simply to satisfy their mind, they want to secretly convince themselves that there is more of a powerful religion than their own! My question is if you don’t believe in your very own religion then why be a part of it and secretly compare other religions for your inner satisfaction!

I believe, one should follow and believe whatever convinces them better! So why being hindu and begging muslim priests for solutions and vise versa ! Practice what you believe and follow what convinces you! The lack of knowledge and dissatisfaction simply leads you to an unhealthy state of mind, that further gets infested with silly possibilities!

Guru Ram Rahim is an example of such phenomena! I have seen his followers worshipping him like sheep’s ! Rajnish from Osho was another profound example! I have a lot of hindu friends too, who consort to other religion practices for there mental satisfaction, I find it very lame! I wish they would have taken some initiative in understanding sanatan dharma better, their life would have been more peaceful and sorted.

Whatever a person doesn’t understand or have , always keeps them hunting for it ! Such curiosity simply leads to never ending cycle of dissatisfaction!


One thought on “Sanatan is the Satya! The Satya of Life.

  1. Kudos to what u have mentioned bout Sanathan Dharm, see to be precise m myself not against Gurus but seeing the blindness of people following Gurus and making them as Gods rather than the existing Gods is really weird. I would then feel that Ravan was a much better person atleast he was completely devoted towards Mahakal.
    What I can sense is the people who are into some kinds of mental sufferings are rushing and seeking such Gurus and this will be harmful for the future as u will find a new set of Religions pouring in.


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